My ode to dancers at a creative meeting was captured on film by Sandy Chase

Artist Statement

As a child I found comfort in the night. I was a shy kid teased for having a funny name and bright red hair, but after dark I became a star. The chaos and vulnerability of the day became a distant memory, and the evening's tranquility brought with it joy and stability. Whatever challenges my life presented were overshadowed by twilight dreams of a better tomorrow. I fantasized about the adventures I would have and the worlds I would conquer. Many years later, my nights are still filled with adventure, but now I have the assistance of kindred spirits.

Dancers are dreamers. Many have left the comfort zone of a familiar life to pursue an ambition fraught with nearly impossible odds of success. They work countless hours over many years, driven not by profit or fame but by a quest to bring their dream world to reality. Etched into their bodies is extraordinary perseverance, and when stripped of their clothing we see each layer of muscle and every subtlety of physical expression. They are an inspiring embodiment of intense commitment to a life's passion.

Dancers After Dark celebrates this optimism. It is about a willingness to say yes to the unlikely, the outrageous, the impractical. There is no obvious reason why any of these amazing performers would volunteer for this project. It was frequently very cold; it was usually late; it was dangerous, illegal, exhausting, and, of course, they’re naked. Yet they still said yes. Why? Because they shared my belief that if we leap, the net will appear. Often in life we have to run toward our goals blindfolded, trusting our instincts to guide us. These images represent our willingness to throw ourselves into the streets without fear of failure. Doing so led to beauty and exhilaration we could not have imagined.

I hope these photographs convey the immense thrill and joy we felt while creating them.